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    Here are some representative titles  selected to demonstrate the variety and scope of our past assignments.



2010-2018. ~60,000 words
Scientific articles and medical release reports, case histories etc. For outsourcing   agencies. .

Drug Registration Data Sheets - Bayer ScheringPharma Bonefos, Mirena, Magnevist, Fludara, Diane-35, Minerva and other. For another translation agency. 2007-09.  ~10,000 words.

The Gypsies of Svinia. A documentary film. Interviews and texts. For the Canadian National Film Board. 1996-97. 225,000 words.

Isolation of Listeria ivanovii in Slovakia. For Health and Welfare Canada / Secretary of State, Ottawa. 1991. 2,900 words.

War-crimes related documents. For Dept. Justice /Secretary of State, Ottawa. 1990-91. 32,000 words.

The effects of the stand organization and its utilization on the yields of lucerne seed. For Agriculture Canada / Secretary of State, Ottawa 1986. 1,890 words.

Evaluation of methods of testing for the homogeneity of experimental plots in biometric research. For Environment Canada /Secretary of State. Ottawa. 1982. 4,700 words.

Excipient-induced changes of dissolution rate of drugs from tablets. For Nat.Health & Welfare /Secretary of State, Ottawa. 1981. 2,350 words.

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