Dr. Emil Kucera Translation Service

Serving the science community since 1969

Editing and Consulting

Dr. Kucera’s consulting and editing experience spans a range of projects since the 1970s, with impact assessment of the proposed Mackenzie Valley Gas Pipeline Project, through hazardous waste treatment facility siting and impact assessment in the 1980s, to editing and managing the preparation of State of the Environment reports for the Province of Manitoba, 1991 and 1993, to editing of 164 ethnic media monitoring reports—more than 1 million words— for the federal government from Nov. 2000 to March 2004.

For the 1995 and 1997 State of the Environment Reports for Manitoba, Dr. Kucera stayed on as a member of the Editorial Board and the Technical Advisory committee.

We are always prepared to consider assignment to which our expertise (see also  Principal) could make a contribution, in the areas of

  • zoology in general
  • mammalogy in particular
  • editorial experience, and
  • large reports publication management experience


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