Dr. Emil Kucera Translation Service

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    Here are some representative titles  selected to demonstrate the variety and scope of our past assignments.



In 2016, some 50 projects, ~ 100,000 words, mainly medical-pharmaceutical subjects - drug registration data sheets, product labels, medical reports and discharge reports, assorted certificates.


In 2014 - 2015, more than 150 projects, some 160,000 words, with  emphasis on medical-pharmaceutical subjects


Subtitles for video materials. 2014. For another translation agency. Translation and timing to video.


Neuropsychological Assessment Tests. Test forms and introductory/reference material. Reviews and back-translations.

For another Canadian translation agency.  2011. More than 70,000 words.

Drug Registration Data Sheets - Bayer ScheringPharma Lunafem, Climodien and others. For a German translation agency. 2009-10.  ~10,000 words.


Annual Reports to European Commission (portions of). For a Czech translation agency. 2010. ~8000 words

Pecina, Pavel. The roots of evil [orig. Kořeny zla]. Causes of man’s alienation from nature and the decline of social behaviour. 1994,Nika, Prague, Czech Republic. 100,000 words. Translation (CC) 2009.

Assorted Medical Reports. For Public Works and Government Services Canada, Translation Bureau, 2008. 6,000 words

Information on the Problems of Extremism in the Czech Republic in 2007, and other documents.

Rusek, L. Returning to Sources. A booklet of woodcraft philosophy. For Ernest Thompson Seton Institute, Santa Fe, U.S.A. 1996. 5,200 words.

If only I were an Indian, a documentary film. Interviews and texts. For Blue Sky Pictures - Zema Productions / National Film Board, Winnipeg, Canada. 1993. 30,000 words.

Fungous diseases of seed and cones of the Scots pine, Pinus silvestris L. For Petawawa Nat. Forest Inst. / Secretary of State. 1986. 4,700 words.

Simulation modelling of surface mining in the North Bohemian brown coal basin. For Energy, Mines and Resources / Secretary of State. Ottawa. 1983. 4,800 words.

Supercohort Oribatids - Oribatei. In Key to the fauna of Czechoslovakia, Vol.4. For Agriculture Canada / Secretary of State. Ottawa. 1982. 13,000 words.

Cross-linking of epoxy resins in the presence of solvents. For Nat. Museums of Canada /Secretary of State. Ottawa. 1982. 4,800 words.

Complex polymerized hemoglobins. New perspectives in the development of anti-shock oxygen-transferring solutions. For National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa. 1981. 1,000 words.


Preheater operation and maintenance manual. (Proofreading). For G.N. Thermoforming Equipment. 2008. 3,000 words.

Concert tour program and performers' biographies. For Richard Burleson, Professor, School of Music, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg. 1990. 1,000 words.

A newcomer's guide to settlement services. For Employment and Immigration, Calgary / Secretary of State. 1983, 1,010 words.

Procedures for financing a commercial transaction under the line of credit. For Export Development Corporation, Ottawa. 1981. 250 words.

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